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  • Leica M9

    Leica M9

    The Leica M9 is old now, and unlike the M8, the last few copies are going to fail due to sensor corrosion. While they’re still alive, however, they remain amazing cameras. The M9, like all the Leica M series devices, is a rangefinder camera. That means you don’t focus through the lens, but rather through…

  • Leica M-P 240

    Leica M-P 240

    I got the Leica M-P 240 when my well loved M-E developed the inevitable M9 series sensor corrosion. Leica USA gave me the option of waiting over a year for a repair, or paying the difference and getting a brand new M-P 240 within a week. I had just spent an hour talking to the…

  • Ricoh GRiiix

    Ricoh GRiiix

    I recently bought up the GRiiix (directly from Ricoh). I wasn’t sure what to expect. I initially got into photography with a sort of “snapshot” ethos. Part of my artistic process has always been exploration. Sometimes you have to let a story take you somewhere, even if the outline says it shouldn’t. The same goes…